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Poniżej przedstwione są po krótce opisy blogów w języku angielskim. Po kliknięciu powinno nastąpić przekierowanie na bloga.


Celiac and Gluten-Free Bloggers Celiac Disease Guide
Jane Anderson writes about medical issues for both physicians and patients in a variety of different publications. Since late 2003, Jane has been coping with celiac disease and the gluten-free diet, and she now helps other celiac disease patients learn how to eat gluten-free and get healthy. Read more at

Adventures of an Allergic Foodie
This blog encourages those with celiac disease and food allergies to live life to the fullestRead more on Adventures of an Allergic Foodie.

Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom
Heidi blogs about celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity: kid-friendly recipes, health information (via guest posts by Dr. Vikki Petersen) and news articles. Read more at Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom.

Allergic Girl
Questions about which gluten-free products are tasty, what is going on for diners with allergies in the NYC scene or just about food allergies in general? Allergic girl, a New York based licensed psychotherapist/social worker who coaches the food allergic community and asthmatic community, has got you covered. She is both informative and engaging- just don't pass her the nuts! Read more at Allergic Girl.

Allergy Free and Cheap Like Me
Elizabeth started Allergy Free and Cheap Like Me after she found out she is gluten, egg, dairy, and soy intolerant. Her hope is for Allergy Free and Cheap Like Me to be a place where people can find and share information about living with food allergies and overall natural health. Read more at Allergy Free and Cheap Like Me.

Angela's Kitchen
Angela has been blogging since July 2006 about gluten-free and dairy-free living, focusing on what you can have, not what you can't. Offering menus, family favorites, slow cooking and freezer cooking recipes and tips.  All recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free, with options offered for multiple allergies and sensitivities. As a Master Food Preserver, canning, preserving, fermenting and seasonal foods are also found at her site. Read more at Angela's Kitchen.

Another Gluten-Free Blog
Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010, Anya explores the gluten-free lifestyle in New York City and on the road. She shares restaurant reviews, recipes, and the many successes and failures of living with celiac. Read more at Another Gluten-Free Blog.

Atlanta Gluten-Free Food Examiner
Jennifer was diagnosed with celiac disease more than 14 years ago and has been working as a Gluten-Free Product Specialist for the last five years. Through this role, she has been able to develop vendor contacts, sample new products and discover industry trends. Jennifer also volunteers her time as the Program Chair for the Gluten Intolerance Group of Atlanta, where she writes their bi-monthly newsletter, maintains their gluten-free restaurant listing and sets the meeting schedule for the year. She also coordinates the group's Gluten-Free Expo, which is in its fifth year. Jennifer also runs her own consulting company called Just Gluten Free. Read more at Atlanta Gluten-Free Food Examiner.

ATX Gluten-Free
Jessica Meyer is the Founder of Locate Special Diet, a service that helps people find local businesses that cater to a gluten-free, vegetarian or organic lifestyle. Jessica is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Careio, a specialty social network. Jessica currently lives in Austin, Texas where she also blogs at ATX Gluten-Free, a food blog that covers healthy recipes, gluten-free news and more.

Dedicated to helping those with gluten and food allergies save time and money, BeFreeForMe is the first and only website to offer cupons and samples for consumers. Founder Kathleen Reale uses her BeFreeForMe website and blog to help readers find the latest, product reviews, recipes, articles, and support for their special dietary needs. Read more at

Best Life Gluten Free
Best Life Gluten Free is designed to help people transition to a gluten-free diet or manage it with recipes, chatting, and information for a healthy, stress-free life. The blog includes recipes made from scratch, as well as semi-homemade for the busy household. As an Italian-American, Annette tweeks those old familiar recipes that people with celiac miss into gluten-free fare in delicious ways!  Read more at Best Life Gluten Free.

Blackbird Bakery
Blackbird Bakery is a virtual gluten-free bakery founded by cookbook author Karen Morgan. The website revels in the passionate pursuit of gluten-free living without sacrificing a crumb of pleasure. New recipes posted weekly. Read more at Blackbird Bakery.

Blinded by the Bite
At the crossroads of food and conversation people connect and this is where Rachelle King, author of Blinded By The Bite!, is navigating her way through a gluten-free lifestyle, with an emphasis on healthy, sustainable eating. Her knowledge of eating gluten-free has earned her a respected following and she is considered a trusted source within in the gluten-free community and a key member of the food scene in Austin, TX, working with local chefs, farms, nonprofits & local food producers.  Read more at Blinded by the Bite.

Breaking Up with Captain Crunch
A carb-aholic gone Celiac? Let the merriment begin. Blogger Alissa Raschke-Janchenko chronicles the trials and tribulations of living gluten free with humor and panache. And loads of sarcasm. Read more at Breaking Up with Captain Crunch.

CAFE by Jackie Ourman
Join Jackie on her journey through culinary school and life as a mom of 3 and foodie managing celiac disease and multiple food allergies.  In her blog, she shares recipes, experiences dining out and other resources to help navigate food allergies and celiac in and out of the kitchen. She is a student in the Culinary Arts Program at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC and loves being in a professional kitchen!  Read more at CAFE by Jackie Ourman.

Candy Hearts
Candy Hearts chronicles one family's journey with celiac disease and type 1 diabetes. Wendy's mission is to connect with others and navigate the highs and lows through community and shared experiences. It's a sweet adventure full of gluten-free goodies! Read more at Candy Hearts.

Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Allergen-Free Blog
Celeste's website and cookbook Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Recipes are for those who have food allergies, food intolerances and food sensitivities to help them discover new ways to live a happy and healthy gluten-free and allergen-free life.  Read more at Celeste's Best Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Allergen-Free Blog.

Celiac and Allergy Adventures
A blog about living well with food allergies, Celiac Disease, asthma and eczema.  Read more at Celiac and Allergy Adventures.

Celiac Awareness All-Stars
NFCA has more than 700 volunteers actively helping raise awareness of the disease and educating their local communities. Learn what they are doing and how you can join in!
Read more at Awareness All-Stars. 

Celiac and the Beast
Celiac and the Beast is a gluten-free lifestyle blog that reviews products, restaurants, and publishes the latest articles in the gluten-free community. We're big into celiac and gluten-free advocacy and being loud and proud - and fighting the good fight for gluten-free acceptance and education.  Read more at Celiac and the Beast.

Celiac Central: Bits & Bites
The official staff blog of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes down, whether we're at the office or away from our desks. Read more at Celiac Central: Bits & Bites.

Celiac Chicks
Kim and Kelly (the Celiac Chicks) both have 9-5 office jobs in New York City and somehow manage to maintain one of the most incredible celiac websites out there. Because these girls have two of the most dynamic personalities, they decided to drastically change the "boring" nature of online celiac resources and start a WWW site with enthusiasm! Read more at Celiac Chicks.

Celiac Corner
CeliacCorner is an online resource for the celiac and non-celiac gluten-sensitive community, providing the 101s of celiac, medical news and lifestyle articles, product reviews, recipes, as well as tips for living a gluten-free lifestyle. Created by a celiac dedicated to assisting the newly diagnosed celiac as well as the seasoned! Read more at Celiac Corner.

Information to support gluten free health & lifestyle. We publish in three methods: blog, Twitter, and a weekly email newsletter. Read more at CeliacFacts.

Celiac in College
A resource for university students with celiac disease, which fosters a community among those with the disease and provides recipes, restaurant and product reviews, and tips about surviving college gluten-free. Chynna started this blog because of the lack of resources available for college students on the internet.  Read more at Celiac in College.

The Celiac Lady
In my blog I write about the struggles of my Celiac diagnosis and my other auto immune conditions including RA and autoimmune pancreatitis, gluten free living, and finding support. I also review my favorite gluten free locales in my area as well as my favorite products, and links to medical and other support sights.  Read more at The Celiac Lady.

Celiac Princess
Author Vanessa Maltin is a young, energetic celiac using her background as a health reporter and expert cook to bring you everything you need to know about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. This blog covers everything from the latest medical breakthroughs to yummy gluten-free recipes. Read more at Celiac Princess. is committed to providing comprehensive resources for gluten-free diets due to celiac disease or wheat allergies. is dedicated to exploring new ways to approach food with a gluten-free diet through gluten-free recipes, products and tips. Read more at

Celiac Yoga Momma
The Celiac Yoga Momma is passionate about sharing information about celiac disease and living a gluten-free lifestyle as both her young son and husband have celiac disease.  Her blog is intended to help families with celiac disease by providing book reviews, restaurant reviews, product reviews and gluten-free recipe ideas.  She hopes to raise awareness about living with celiac disease.  Read more at Celiac Yoga Momma.

Celtic Celiac's A Modern Guide to Staying Sane Without Grain
Celtic Celiac's A Modern Guide to Staying Sane Without Grain is a multi-dimensional blog looking to help individuals of the gluten-free community live fuller and happier lives by providing: resources, product and restaurant reviews, personal recipes, up-to-date news, giveaways and more. With a background in Social Welfare, Health, and Research, Celtic Celiac (Georgia) has a desire to educate, advocate, and seek justice for the gluten-free community and those with food allergies. Read more at A Modern Guide to Staying Sane Without Grain.

Chicago Gluten-Free Food Examiner
Andrea McCarthy, originator and main contributor to, lives in a Chicago suburb with her husband and son. She was recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and knows the challenges of eating gluten-free. Read more on the Chicago Gluten-Free Food Examiner.

Creative Cooking : Gluten Free
Jenny Manseau was diagnosed with Celiac Disease two years ago. Since then she has discovered how to be more creative with cooking and baking. Many recipes are "normal" ones that have been adapted to become gluten free. Read more at Creative Cooking : Gluten Free.

Daily Forage Gluten-Free
Daily Forage provides gluten-free product and restaurant reviews, recipes, health information, community events, a getting-started guide, and all things gluten-free. Read more at Daily Forage.

Dr. Vikki Petersen's Gluten Blog
Dr Vikki Petersen's Gluten Blog is one of the blogs of HealthNOW Medical Center. HealthNOW is committed to finding and fixing the root cause of health problems, be it celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The medical center specializes in the area of digestive problems, especially gluten intolerance, celiac disease and the diagnosis and treatment of the secondary effects caused by gluten. Two of the doctors authored the book The Gluten Effect. Read more at Dr Vikki Petersen's Gluten Blog.

Easily and Happily Gluten Free
This blog is all about how to eat gluten-free inexpensively and transforming recipes to gluten-free versions. Read more at Easily and Happily Gluten Free.

Easy Gluten Free Living
Mary's website is a personal blog detailing her journey to gluten-freedom.  The blog includes information to help the newly diagnosed and provides gluten-free recipes.Read more at Easy Gluten Free Living.

Eat Inspired Today
Did you think that your dietary restrictions meant an end to fabulous-tasting food? Not anymore! Clea Shannon of Eat Inspired Today shares her original gluten-free recipes to help you whip up delicious, nourishing and satisfying gluten-free meals in no time. Clea shares the essential gluten-free ingredients and creative, adaptive tips that will take your meals from ordinary to extraordinary. Read more at Eat Inspired Today.

Embrace G-Free
After being diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, Candice started Embrace G-free. On this honest account you will find posts which empower you to live your happiest and healthiest gluten-free life, in addition to recipes, product reviews, and resources! Read more at Embrace G-Free.

Evolving Well
Jennifer Fugo is a certified Health Coach working with busy individuals seeking balanced dietary changes.  Named by Philadelphia magazine as a “Gluten-Free Guru”, Jennifer knows firsthand the challenges of overcoming food sensitivities as she is intolerant of gluten, casein and eggs. Her blog offers advice and inspiration. Read more at Evolving Well.

Frannycakes is a site that is about baking (and cooking) gluten-free foods that satisfy and could compete with any gluten-filled recipe out there. The recipes are imaginative and fun - and easy enough for a new baker. Read more at

Freedom to Dine
Your source for gluten-free and allergen friendly restaurants in and around New England. Read more at Freedom to Dine.

Food for thought...
Official blog of A gourmet blog of gluten free culinary delights that shares  the best of the best of our 11 years of gluten free cooking. Read more at Food for thought...

Food Living and Everything Else
Paul Biscione site is dedicated to food, family and life. All the recipes posted are gluten free and the articles are about life and healthy living. The Biscione’s gluten free and healthy life style has inspired a book and this blog. Read more at Food Living and Everything Else.

Food Philosophy
Food. Sensuality. Sass. Author, blogger and podcaster Jennifer Iannolo has always had a passion for food, and her life's mission is to ignite that same level of excitement in others. Join Jennifer as she explores trends, shares recipes and documents adventures in the gluten-free lifestyle. Read more at Food Philosophy.

G-Free Foodie
G-Free Foodie is a resource for flavorful gluten-free living that includes the tastiest gluten-free products, lots of gluten-free recipes and an extensive database of restaurants that offer delicious G-Free dining options. Check out G-Free Foodie for product reviews and blogs about GF parenting, health + life! Read more at G-Free Foodie.

G-Free Laura
I am young, wild, and [gluten] free. I share my gluten-free experiences while traveling, going to college, dining out, and everything else a 20-something gluten-free girl goes through! Read more at G-Free Laura.

Gfreely's Gluten Free Blog
Recipes and new ways that make adhering to a gluten free lifestyle simple.  Read more at Gfreely's Gluten Free Blog.

Gourmet gluten-free recipes from around the world. The website celebrates flavor and gourmet discoveries in the sometimes bland land of gluten-free food. Read more at GF-Zing!

GF in SF
GF in SF is a blog about gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in the San Francisco Bay area. The blog also highlights recipes and products. Read more at GF in SF.

GFREEK.COM is the host of the annual Gluten-Free Awards and The G-Freek Show. The site aims to make life easier on celiac and gluten intolerant people and their families by providing quick and easy to understand comparisons about gluten free products and services. Read more at GFREEK.COM.

Ginger Lemon Girl
Carrie has been creating gluten-free recipes since August of 2007. Her blog shares simple, easy, and frugal gluten-free recipes, gluten-free product reviews, weekly gluten-free meal plans, etc. The site is geared to help people who are on a budget eat healthy, whole, and delicious gluten-free foods! Carrie's area of expertise is baking, but she's slowly learning the art of cooking simple and delicious meals to share with gluten-free families everywhere! Read more at Ginger Lemon Girl.

Gladly Gluten-Free
Rachel has been gluten and dairy free since 2008. Her son has been gluten-free since summer 2010. Through this blog, Rachel shares recipes, resources, and research she's discovered for those living with celiac in Chicagoland. Read more at Gladly Gluten-Free.

Gluten Away
Gluten Away is a blog started by a 15 year old teen dedicated to helping others that are gluten-free. Taylor hopes to inspire with his story and shares his recipes every week to help make your lives easier. Follow him on his gluten-free journey! Read more at Gluten Away.

Gluten Dude
The Gluten Dude is someone who's been gluten-free since 2007 due to a diagnosis of celiac disease, where the doctor said his numbers were "off the charts." He's someone who can steer you in the right direction when it comes to going gluten-free and will always give you the naked truth. He says he didn't find freedom, a better life or anything else when he got diagnosed. Gluten Dude says, "with all due respect to Hunter S. Thompson" he found fear and loathing of an unknown world. But if he can share his wisdom, tell his stories and make the transition easier on you, he's done his job. Read more at Gluten Dude.

Gluten Free Adventures
Gluten Free Adventures is the Northern California connection for all things gluten free: recipes, restaurant and product reviews, local events, and more. In addition to this fun and informative blog Debbie Paul and her husband also host a gluten free podcast, GFree TV. Read more at Gluten Free Adventrues.

Gluten-Free Bebe
Helpful information and gluten-free recipes for people suffering from celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  Read more at Gluten-Free Bebe.

Gluten Free Betsy!
Personal blog of a 20-something girl in Chicago having celiac for over 10 years.  Gluten Free product reviews, restaurant reviews, upcoming events, and news are discussed. Read more at Gluten Free Betsy!

Gluten-Free Birmingham
Jenny's 10-year-old daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease 3 years ago. Her family has come up with a fun, inexpensive way to live gluten-free, and now she's sharing her wisdom with you. Find coupons and deals, new and kid friendly gluten-free recipes, and plenty of food for thought. Read more at Gluten-Free Birmingham.

A Gluten-Free Breeze
Bree started her blog in 2006 and has since moved it to a new home. It's full of trials, tribulations, and revelations on living gluten-free. The blog also includes restaurant and product reviews, social experiences, and grocery shopping tips. Read more at A Gluten-Free Breeze.

Gluten-Free Dreaming
A blog about living, cooking, and baking without gluten or dairy! Featuring recipes, product reviews, and recommendations for shopping and eating out. Read more at Gluten-Free Dreaming.

Gluten-Free Doctor Recipes
From recipes to research, Dr. Jean Layton brings her knowledge of gluten-free living to the public in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand fashion. Jean is gluten intolerant, as are her husband and twin girls. Read more at Gluten-Free Doctor Recipes.

gluten free easily (gfe)
Shirley Braden leads a gluten intolerance and celiac support group in Virginia. Her passion is showing folks how easy it can be to live gluten free if one focuses on real food that is naturally gluten free, adds in some mainstream items that are safe, and also uses a few gluten-free specialty items. Read more at gluten free easily (gfe).

Gluten Free Fitness
Gluten Free Fitness provides easy to understand and easy to implement education and information. To make living a gluten free life healthy and funis out goal. Read more at Gluten Free Fitness.

Gluten-Free Food and Fun
Everything Annsley does in life centers around (gluten-free) food and fun. Her blog documents and shares some of the fun cooking, crafting, research and adventurous activities that she likes to do! Annsley hopes you will join in on the fun at her blog!  Read more at Gluten-Free Food and Fun.

Gluten-Free Food Examiner
Dorothy Kieffer discovered she has celiac disease after years of previous medical testing and false diagnoses. She now does all that she can to encourage symptomatic people to get proper celiac testing. She stresses the importance of celiac awareness thoughout the U.S. and within her own community. Dorothy believes we can find the strength to over come our health issues with positive thoughts, a little hard work and encouragement from others. Read more at Gluten-Free Food Examiner.

Gluten Free Foodies
Gluten Free Foodies provides lifestyle information for gluten-free recipes, products, restaurant reviews, travel tips, and life experience stories. Gluten Free Foodies is also a monthly support group and started a Gluten-Free Food Drive. Read more at Gluten Free Foodies.

Gluten Free for Good
Healthy food, nutrition therapy, and exercise science. I founded my blog in 2006 with the focus on sound nutrition and mind-body solutions.  Read more at Gluten Free For Good.

Gluten-Free For Jen
This blog follows the adventures of Kandi and her daughter, who are both gluten intolerant. The blog shares recipes, tips, saving ideas and crafts. Read more at Gluten-Free for Jen.

Gluten Free Frenzy
Chandice was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006. Her blog is a gathering place for anyone looking to live a gluten-free lifestyle without eliminating any of their favorite foods. Chandice provides gluten-free recipes for all the yummiest and most popular foods, plus restaurant and product reviews. Whether you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or simply want to explore gluten-free food, all are welcome. Read more at Gluten Free Frenzy.

Gluten-Free Fun
Erin Smith has been living a gluten-free lifestyle for more than 30 years and has learned that (with the right attitude) it doesn't all have to be serious business! Follow her blog for information about gluten-free products, celiac disease in the news and navigating life in the Big Apple. The wisdom she's collected over the past three decades combined with light-hearted and sometimes touching personal stories allows Erin's personality to shine through! Read more at Gluten-Free Fun.

Gluten-Free Gabber
Helping people with and without Celiac disease discover that eating gluten free can taste great.  Read more at Gluten-Free Gabber.

Gluten-Free Gigi
Gigi has been "free" since 2008 and is now "happily baking my way through a fabulous gluten-free life." Follow Gigi as she shares recipes and continues to adapt her diet to meet her nutritional needs. Her motto: Live well, be well, and by all well! Read more at Gluten-Free Gigi.

Gluten Free Girl
Shauna James is the GlutenFreeGirl. She started her blog in April 2005 about being diagnosed with celiac in order to share her experiences and stories. Today her blog records her love of food—fresh ingredients, unexpected flavor combinations and seasonal fruits and vegetables. And…for those romantics out there, the blog has turned into a love story. About a year after she started her blog, Shauna fell in love with a chef, who has turned his restaurant gluten-free! So to get some amazing recipes and read a true love story, check out Shauna's blog. Read more at Gluten-Free Girl.

Gluten-Free Globetrotter
Erin Smith launched Gluten-Free Globetrotter in 2011 while in the Czech Republic to encourage those with celiac disease to travel the world. Erin has been gluten-free since 1981, so from a very early age all of her travel has been a gluten-free adventure, both domestically and abroad. She has traveled to more than 20 states, 12 countries, and 3 continents all while maintaining a 100% gluten-free diet. Read more at Gluten-Free Globetrotter.

Gluten-Free Goddess
Karina Allrich is by all definitions, a Gluten-Free Goddess! Not only does she post incredible gluten-free vegetarian recipes on her blog, but she also contributed the most delicious recipes to the first edition of Beyond Rice Cakes! Karina is also an amazing designer! She has a whole line of clothing and aprons available online. Our personal favorite says "Gluten-Free Cupcake." Read more at Gluten-Free Goddess.

Gluten-Free Goodness
Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD, LD, is a dietitian specializing in celiac disease. In this blog, she delves into the kitchen. Follow her gluten-free, whole food experiments with no gluten, dairy, soy, eggs or corn. Read more at Gluten-Free Goodness.

The Gluten Free Hack
The Gluten Free Hack is a website for creative chefs ready for some adventure in the kitchen. We believe that good food requires heart as well as technique, that the rules are meant to be bent (or broken) in the name of dinnertime. We defy conventional recipe-following and forge our own path to delicious gluten freedom.  Read more at The Gluten Free Hack.

Gluten Free Happy Tummy
Gluten Free Happy Tummy chronicles the culinary adventures of a gluten-free vegan who also has ulcerative colitis. Recipes, advice and more! Read more at Gluten Free Happy Tummy. offers Gluten-Free Resources, Important Information, Interviews and Recipes: Tina Turbin helps educate others in the important field of celiac disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity, gluten itself and any of the various titles, tests, symptoms and solutions that reside in this arena. Read more at

Gluten-Free in Florida
For years Carolanne has been using gluten-free products from around the world. She's learned about gluten-free travel. And she knows about getting started on the gluten-free diet. She figured it was time to share. She hopes you enjoy. Read more at Gluten-Free in Florida.

Gluten-Free in Georgia
Ginger Carter Miller is the author of the blog Gluten Free in Georgia (and Florida). Though she is full time professor in the Mass Communication Program at Georgia College and State University, she still finds time to share the adventures of her gluten-free life, recipes, and important news with the gluten-free community.
Read more at Gluten Free in Georgia.

Gluten Free Jenna
Gluten Free Jenna shares her personal gluten-free journey. Millions of people around the world are living with celiac disease or require a gluten free diet.  Unfortunately, many of these people are recently diagnosed after a long struggle and feeling frustrated.  I remember that “there is nothing in the world that I can eat anymore” feeling that came quickly after my diagnosis.  Jenna's mission is to become a resource for these individuals and in doing so make their lives a little easier.  Read more at Gluten Free Jenna.

Gluten Free Journey
Dianne invites us to come along on her personal gluten-free journey. Through beautiful pictures, practical recipes and helpful European travel tips you are privy to a front row seat of her life in the UK!
Read more at Gluten-Free Journey.

Gluten-Free Gift
Gluten-Free Gift offers inspiration and advice for regular people on an irregular diet, as seen through the eyes of a gal who has been “living it” since 1971. The author, Claudine Crangle, also wrote Living Well with Celiac Disease: Abundance Beyond Wheat & Gluten. Read more at Gluten-Free Gift.

Gluten-Free Labels
Kelly's company, Gluten-Free Labels, offers a selection of gluten-free labeling tools to provide added protection from cross-contamination in kitchens.  Her blog follows her family as they navigate the gluten-free diet.  Read more at the Gluten-Free Labels Blog.

Gluten-Free is Life
Kimberly is a gluten-free wife, runner & blogger with two children in Columbus, Ohio. After her celiac diagnosis in 2006, Kimberly made it her mission to embrace an entirely new approach to nutrition in a gluten-free world, exploring options that run the gamut from “made from scratch” homemade bread to sampling and reviewing the gluten-free prepared foods that are continuously being introduced to the market.  Read more at Gluten-Free is Life.

Gluten-Free Lifestyle
Gluten-free is more than a diet it’s a lifestyle! Helpful information and personal opinions on gluten-free food, products, alcohol beverages, recipes, restaurants, resources and more.  Read more at Gluten-Free Lifestyle.

Gluten Free Living L.A.
Consuela has been gluten-free since December 2010. She's a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys discovering new gluten-free foods as she restores health and reclaims her fit lifestyle. Here, she shares some of her gluten-free finds. Read more at Gluten Free Living L.A.

Gluten-Free Living Now
Gluten-Free Living Now is a non-profit group in Carmel, IN, that hosts gluten free expos and events. The blog reviews products, restaurants and amusement parks that the staff visits. Read more at Gluten-Free Living Now.

Gluten-Free by Marriage
Patricia's cooking style is "Everyday Easy" and her focus is recipes such as casseroles and soups that stretch to two meals.  While she may not have a new post every day, she promises to share her recipe hits and misses, and hopes that you find her cooking style an easy way to embrace the gluten-free life.Read more at Gluten-Free by Marriage.

Gluten Free Mike
Gluten Free Mike is a New York City Ph.D.(ABD) who is Celiac.  Join him as he continues his journey to gluten-free fabulousness.  His site and blog feature everything that's gluten-free from product and restaurant reviews to global gluten-free travelogues and recipes.  It is all about "Living Well, Gluten-Free, No Apologies".
Read more at Gluten Free Mike.

Gluten-Free Mom
Jamie Eppenauer’s family began living gluten-free soon after discovering her daughter had celiac disease. She is dedicated to providing her family with a healthy and delicious gluten-free diet. Through her blog Gluten Free Mom, she shares her family’s story, great recipes, and helpful product information.  Read more at Gluten Free Mom.

Gluten Free on a ShoeString
Nicole Hunn’s blog Gluten Free on a ShoeString is all about gf home cooking in the new economy. This mother of three began to cook gluten-free after discovering her son, a baby at the time, had celiac disease. Her passion for cooking for friends and family motivates her to make her gf creations as tasty as their gluten counter parts. Read more at Gluten Free on a ShoeString.

Gluten-Free Optimist
Looking for a mix of health and diet information, lifestyle tips, and even some celiac humor? The Gluten-Free Optimist gives you a little bit of everything! Book and product reviews, helpful resources  for the newly diagnosed, and a funny section loaded with jokes and 'top ten lists' serve up a Positive Slice of Gluten-Free Life! Read more at Gluten-Free Optimist.

Gluten Free Philly
Gluten Free Philly covers all the gluten-free happenings in the city Philadelphia, AND the greater Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware tri state area! Celiac dad and blogger Michael Savett posts gluten-free product and restaurant reviews, as well as local celiac-friendly event updates! Read more at Gluten Free Philly.

Gluten Free Raleigh
Gluten Free Raleigh covers celiac and gluten free news and current events. A founding member of the Gluten Free Raleigh health blog network, Zach and his team of North Carolina bloggers aim to stimulate and encourage memebrs of the celiac and gluten free community in their state and beyond! Read more at Gluten Free Raleigh.

The Gluten-Free RD
Rachel Begun, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian and food and nutrition communications expert with celiac disease. She combines her nutrition background, food industry expertise and hands-on experience to share her thoughts, opinions, recipes and product and restaurant reviews about how to eat gluten-free healthfully and happily. Read more at The Gluten-Free RD.

Gluten-Free Recipe Box
Gluten Free Recipe Box is a gluten-free recipes blog that not only shares gluten-free recipes, but also offers celiac disease, gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity resources and information and hosts gluten-free giveaways. Read more at Gluten-Free Recipe Box.

Gluten Free Safari is a website and blog dedicated not only to those who need or choose to eat gluten-free, but also to the larger community of those concerned about great food, good health, sustainable living, and the newest trends in all three. Read more at Gluten Free Safari.

The Gluten Free School
The Gluten Free School is a place for those avoiding gluten who want to learn how to eat and live healthy AND gluten-free.  Gluten Free School provides engaging and interesting information on health topics that are critical, but rarely talked about for those living gluten-free.  Read more at The Gluten Free School

GlutenFreeTravelSite lets users search and submit reviews of restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, cruise ships, hotels/resorts, and even colleges that accommodate gluten-free diets. Users can also search reviews for gluten-free dining in a particular country, state or zip code. The site also includes a blog that shares gluten-free dining and travel information, including interviews with chefs of restaurant chains offering gluten-free menus. Read more at GlutenFreeTravelSite.

Gluten-Free - TV
Emily shares her gluten-free recipes, videos and classes. She maintains a mostly vegan diet and is focused on living the gluten-free lifestyle.  Read more at Gluten-Free - TV.

Gluten Free University
A place to learn that provides resources for support, a place to get free recipes, and interact on forums with others going through the same thing.  The Gluten Free University teaches gluten-free empowerment.  Read more at Gluten Free University.

The Gluten-Free Vegan
It's Gluten Free. It's Vegan. It tastes good. My mission is to prove that it's really not as difficult as people think to cook healthy and super-tasty gluten-free and vegan food. Read more at The Gluten-Free Vegan.

Gluten-Free Vendors
This blog provides information on celiac awareness. The author's child Cesar Michael was diagnosed with celiac disease 2010. This blog shares the author's experiences in helping his son to cope with the disease. Read more at Gluten-Free Vendors.

Gluten Free Works
Gluten Free Works is an online health resource helping you get well, look good and stay healthy while living gluten-free. Find information on celiac disease and gluten disorders, gluten-free diet and substitution guides, recipes and more. Read more at Gluten Free Works.

The Gluten-Free You
A blog dedicated to sharing one girl's story about being a teenager with celiac disease with other teenagers around the world.  Read more at The Gluten-Free You.

Gluten Freedom Project
Gluten Freedom Project provides menu planning tools, recipes, grocery lists and information for people with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and other food allergies.Read more at Gluten Freedom Project.

Gluten is My B****
April was diagnosed with celiac disease in January 2011. She is a writer professionally, and naturally started to blog about celiac disease and her adventures in the kitchen. On her blog, April provides product and restaurant reviews, recipes, and a lot of ridiculousness. She believes we have to have a sense of humor to make such a dramatic life change like this, and she tries to laugh about this disease every dang day. Read more at Gluten in My B****.

Glutenista, making gluten-free fabulous! Glutenista is an uplifting gluten-free community dedicated to empowering those who must live gluten-free. Features gluten-free recipes, product reviews, store, latest news and more. Read more at Glutenista. was founded by Anjali Arora after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This website was created to provide a reliable source for research news and to be an authentic voice for the celiac community. Read more at

Go GFCF provides information, recipes, and coaching help to those trying to eat gluten-free and casein-free.  Rachel believes that "eating differently can still be delicious!"  Read more at Go GFCF.

Good Without Gluten is a food blog dedicated to information and recipes for those on a gluten free diet. Cooking food which is naturally gluten-free, we demonstrate that food (and life) is good without gluten! Read more at Good Without Gluten.

Grandma's Gluten-Free Baking N Cooking
Joyce Paige's Grandma's Gluten-Free Baking N Cooking is a GF community where you can find and share helpful hints, tips and recipes for baking and cooking gluten-free food. Read her blog for great product reviews, helpful information, and delicious recipes or share your own in the discussion forum. Read more at Grandma's Gluten-Free Baking N Cooking.

The GREAT Life
The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness contributes gluten-free recipes, nutrition articles and lifestyle tips for this blog on, the online health & wellness retailer. Read more at The GREAT Life.

Guilt Free Foodie Cutie
Winner of NBC's Philadelphia's Next Local TV Chef. Laura Hahn is a local gluten-free blogger, TV chef, tour guide, restaurant reviewer and Community Manager of the Gluten Free Cloud. Being diagnosed a year ago after a deployment in Iraq, Laura has made it her mission to connect the gluten-free community with resources and to educate the general public of what it means to be gluten-free.  Read more at Guilt Free Foodie Cutie.

Happy Gluten-Free
Happy Gluten-Free is a place for sharing thoughts on the best of a gluten-free existence. We use the blog to share our experiences as celiac parents and gain from others' experiences. Currently, the information on the blog is largely based on gluten-free options in Colorado, but it is ever expanding! Read more at Happy Gluten-Free.

Happy Go Lucky & Gluten Free
Melanie works to bring awareness to the gluten-free lifestyle and how easy it is to make delicious, safe food.  In additon, Melanie encourages readers to share any tips and updated information, that would bring celiac awareness.  Read more at Happy Go Lucky & Gluten Free.

Healing Foods
Sandra Ramacher is the author of Healing Foods, Cooking for Celiac, Colitis, Crohn's and IBS. On her blog she writes about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and shares her newest gluten-free recipes.  Read more at Healing Foods.

A Healthful Gluten-Free Life
Being on a gluten-free diet can be a difficult task, but you can make the best of it with the right resources. Visit A Healthful Gluten-Free Life for reviews of gluten-free products and easy to prepare recipes the whole family will enjoy!Read more at A Healthful Gluten-Free Life.

The Healthy Apple
Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP is a Manhattan based Culinary Marketing Consultant, Whole Living Expert, Professional Recipe Developer and Food Writer specializing in Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Dairy-Free Culinary Nutrition.  Amie is also the Publisher and Marketing Director of the online gluten-free magazine, Easy Eats. Amie is a Food Media Expert and works hands-on with individuals and groups as a Food Allergy Concierge and Healthy Family Pantry Stylist to guide them through their transition into a healthier lifestyle. Read more at The Healthy Apple.

Healthy Jasmine
Jasmine Jafferali, MPH is an Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant specializing in gluten free/allergy free living as well as family and women’s health. It is her personal mission to raise her children to be healthy and happy. She wants to help you do the same and to empower you to make realistic and healthy choices for you and your families. Read more at Healthy Jasmine.

Hey, that tastes good!
Jill Elise became gluten-free in 2003 after a bad DH rash. Now she is healthier, happier and an active member of the growing GF community. Visit her blog, Hey, that tastes good!, to see that gluten-free doesn't mean taste-free. Read more at Hey, that tastes good!

Just a 30-year-old chick hoping to empower myself as well as others all while trying to adjust to life and being gluten free! Read more at iamjtheblog.

I'm a Celiac
Pam was diagnosed with celiac disease in January 2011.  She has been gluten-free and loving life since!  As a working wife and mom to three young kids making healthy, kid-friendly, gluten-free meals has been a challenge for Pam.  She creates easy family-friendly recipes with simple ingredients.  She posts recipes, product reviews, restaurant reviews, gluten-free travel reviews and giveaways.  Read more at I'm a Celiac.

Jessi's Gluten-Free World
As a 20-something office assistant who is prepping for grad school, Jessi is passionate about food - growing, cooking, eating, and sharing it. Active in the Cincinnati Celiac Support Group, she is a country girl who shares her experiences in making gluten-free easy, delectable, and convenient as she lives and works in the Queen City. The informative blog has recipes, restaurant & product reviews, local events, and lots of links. Read more at Jessi's Gluten-Free World.

Jill's List Blog
Jill's List is a community focused on health and wellness. It enables a network of patients, practitioners and organizations to connect with, learn from and help one another. The blog is a place to find tips, recipes and inspiration for living as healthy a life as possible. Read more at Jill's List Blog.

Kit Kat Plus Celiac
Kit Kat Plus Celiac was started with the intention of sharing and connecting with others.  The blog is on living a gluten-free lifestyle as associated with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or being gluten sensitive.  It also includes content for people who are struggling with infertility as well as health information, recipes, gluten-free food products, beauty and my everyday living.Read more at Kit Kat Plus Celiac.

Kitchen Classroom 4 Kids
Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes and Cooking Tips for parents and kids! Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer, author of The Kitchen Classroom children's gluten-free cookbook, features a recipe of the week, video clips of her cooking with her kids, lots of resources and more. Read more at Kitchen Classroom 4 Kids.

Kitchen Therapy
Registered dietitian, Linda Simon, works with people to help them overcome their fears or concerns of keeping a gluten-free kitchen. Linda's goal is to improve the nutrition of the gluten-free diet, by providing simple and practical direction. To check up on Linda's latest advice for keeping you healthy and happy, visit Kitchen Therapy.

Gretchen, a registered dietitian and recipe developer, posts gluten-free recipes and health information. You'll also find beautiful photography and even a note or two. Read more at Kumquat.

Laura Friendly
In 2001, Laura discovered she has food intolerances to both gluten and dairy. As a lover of both bread and cheese, her diet was in for a rude awakening. Laura Friendly is a place where Laura shares a little bit about her life and some of the recipes and information she gathers along the way. Laura's hope is that you will find something to satisfy, encourage or inspire. Read more at Laura Friendly.

Lexie's Kitchen
Lexie is a wife, mother, and avid recipe modifier. Her blog, Lexie's Kitchen, offers up tasty recipes for the gluten, dairy, soy, corn and egg-free among us. She resides with her family in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Read more at Lexie's Kitchen.

The Life of My Mouth
A twenty-something from the Empire State now coming to you from the Windy City. Follow Jess as she shares how she learned to stop eating gluten and still love food. Read more at The Life of My Mouth.

Living Simply Gluten Free
Sherrie loves to eat and loves to travel. If she makes a visit to your city or country, she will surely post all her findings. She loves to feel healthy and cares about what goes into her body. She cares about supporting local business, agriculture and protecting our Earth. She hopes you'll find her blog inspiring to live simply while treating your body kindly with delicious gluten-free foods. Read more at Living Simply Gluten Free.

Madame Gluten-Free Vegetarian
Tina P. was diagnosed with celiac disease in May 2010. This blog is her journey through the gluten-free vegetarian adventure with as much grace and humor as she can muster. Includes product and restaurant reviews as well as recipes. Read more at Madame Gluten-Free Vegetarian.

Making My Boast
Ashley writes daily about gluten-free cooking, recipes, product reviews and more. She also discusses other allergy-related issues and offers variety and creativity for gluten-free cooks. Read more at Making My Boast.

Manifest Vegan
Manifest Vegan is an entirely vegan recipe website featuring everything from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. In 2009, when Allyson Kramer (the author of the blog) was diagnosed with celiac disease, Manifest Vegan also became 100% gluten-free. New original recipes posted weekly with accompanying colorful photography. Read more at Manifest Vegan.

Mint Grapefruit
Catherine is a wife, mother, artist and blogger. She blogs about her adventures in the kitchen, life and about being newly gluten-freeCatherine notes that older recipes may not be gluten-free, so be sure to check all ingredients.  Read more at Mint Grapefruit.

Cook, eat, and live gluten-free with misterbelly. Find gluten-free recipes, products reviews, international travel tips and reviews all wrapped in a bundle of quirky attitude. Read more at Misterbelly.

Morgana's Gluten-Free Delights
This is all about being gluten-free! Ways to cope daily, recipes, restaurant reviews, food suggestions and much more. After more than a decade being glute-free Morgana is here to help.  In addition to being gluten-free herself, Morgana is also a registered nurse.  Read more at Morgana's Gluten-Free Delights.

Ms. Celiac Says...
Created to spread awareness of gluten free bakeries, events, products, and restaurants.  It is designed to help people on a gluten free diet sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly of gluten free products in order to save time, money, and taste buds. Read more at Ms. Celiac Says...

My Gluten-Free Table
After being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002, Annalise Roberts devoted herself to developing gluten-free baked goods that taste just as good, if not better, than their wheat flour counterparts. Annalise is the author of three gluten-free cookbooks that are sold in North America and overseas. She also works with celiac support groups and manages The Food Philosopher website. This blog shares her gluten-free recipes, cooking class announcements and resources. Read more at My Gluten-Free Table.

My Kitchen Shrink
My Kitchen Shrink is an interactive nutrition and lifestyle blog.  The focus is on living a life that nourishes you to flourish.  Read more at My Kitchen Shrink.

Naturally Free RD
Kristen Pardue, RD, LDN, is a registered dietitian who must eat gluten-free for health reasons. She blogs about healing yourself with whole foods, including health tips, gluten-free information, favorite products and more. Read more at Naturally Free RD.

Newly Celiac
This blogger's second youngest child of five has Down syndrome and was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. She started a blog to chronicle their journey as a gluten-free family. Read more at Newly Celiac.

No Gluten, No Problem
No Gluten, No Problem is a blog by Pete and Kelli Bronski, a husband and wife dining duo. Here you will find travel, adventure, commentary, product reviews and delicious recipes in a Gluten-Free World. Read more at No Gluten, No Problem.

The Patient Celiac
Jess is a mother, wife, physician and runner with celiac disease raising her four gluten-free kids. One of the main goals of her blog is to summarize the most up to date research and medical information on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. She shares her experiences living gluten-free with the hope that others can be helped (and not make some of the same mistakes she did in the beginning).  Read more at The Patient Celiac.

Philadelphia Gluten-Free Food Examiner
Trish Deitemyer, a lifelong resident of the Philly suburbs and mom of three, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2002. Since then, she's scoured the tri-state area for delicious gluten-free food, and can't wait to share her discoveries. Read more at Philadelphia Gluten-Free Food Examiner.

Pretty Little Celiac
Gluten-free celiac blogger, speaker, advocate and fitness expert.  Read more at Pretty Little Celiac.

Pure 2 Raw
Gluten-free twin sisters who blog about their health journey as they battle stomach issues and other health problems. They share many gluten-free recipes (and beautiful food photography) along the way. Read more at Pure 2 Raw.

Queen of Quinoa
The Queen of Quinoa is a gluten-free and dairy-free blog dedicated to healthy and whole-food ingredients. The goal of this blog is to encourage the everyday home cook to embrace the world of gluten-free. With an emphasis on quinoa and other whole grains, the Queen of Quinoa brings nutritious and satisfying meals to your table and helps guide you on the pathway to a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle. Read more at Queen of Quinoa.

Raising Jack with Celiac
As a parent of a child with celiac disease, Kelly's responsibility is to ensure her son Jack is maintaining an accurate gluten-free lifestyle.  She created this blog to bring awareness of the disease as well as help other parents on their journey of raising a child who is growing up gluten-free. Here, you will find helpful tips, recipes and resourceful information to encourage a happy, healthy gluten-free lifestyle!  Read more at Raising Jack with Celiac.

Recipe Renovator
Stephanie wants to help you build a healthy life. Featuring gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free recipes. Email Stephanie for suggestions on recipe renovations. Join her and eat well! Read more at Recipe Renovator.

Renegade Kitchen
Tired of the "birdseed and rainbows" alternatives at your local health food store? Bored with brown rice and tofu at home? There's another way: Renegade Kitchen. Forget the pre-packaged "safety" zones in your grocery store, we're here to get you back in your own kitchen, cooking food you want to eat. We've got a cooking show and a library of recipes all waiting for you. Jump on in, the water's fine. Renegade Kitchen: Serious Food for the Allergy Bound. Read more at Renegade Kitchen Blog.

Rockin' Gluten-Free
Andrea was prompted to start this blog after she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in May 2010. She puts a fun spin on living the gluten-free lifestyle, keeping things upbeat and fresh. Her tagline is "Making Gluten-Free Fun." Andrea lives in Chicago and also writes as the Chicago Gluten-Free Food Examiner. Read more at Rockin' Gluten-Free.

Rolling Out Dough
Easy affordable gluten-free recipes, gluten-free coupons, and money saving ideas.  Read more at Rolling Out Dough.

The Savvy Celiac
For parents, this blog is about educating and helping you with your celiac kids at home, daycare or at school; including information speaking directly to caregivers and nutritional directors. But it’s also for adult celiacs and providing information to empower you to fight for your health and maintain the gluten-free lifestyle; ultimately becoming a Savvy Celiac! Read more at The Savvy Celiac.

Silvana's Kitchen
Silvana's Kitchen is a blog that takes the guesswork out of how to feed a family with food allergies. Written by cookbook author Silvana Nardone, this blog includes delicious gluten-free recipes, videos and Q&As. Read more at Silvana's Kitchen.

Carol Kicinski is a professional recipe developer, television chef, freelance writer and cookbook author. She cooks. She writes. She travels. And she does it all gluten-free! When it comes to food, she believes the most important thing is for it to taste great. Her recipes are not just “good for gluten-free,” they are just plain good! Read more at Simply...Gluten-Free.

Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free
Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free is a blog aimed at all those interested in eating well, eliminating refined sugars and gluten, and maintaining a healthy weight. You will findkitchen-tested recipes using naturally sugar and gluten-free foods and alternatives to refined sugars and gluten. Ingredients are easy to find and budget-friendly. Read more at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free.

Special Diet Creations
Nicole launched her blog in February 2011. Here, you’ll find a wealth of gluten-, grain- and soy-free recipes born from her quest to find great-tasting dishes that promote healing and digestive health. Read more at Special Diet Creations.

The Spicy RD
EA Stewart is a registered dietitian (RD) and nutritionist specializing in wellness nutrition, weight management, celiac disease/gluten intolerance and LEAP food sensitivity testing for adults and children. In addition, she is passionate about utilizing nutrition therapy to help treat autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She has “been there, done that” and is living proof that nutrition therapy can play a major role in helping to treat these conditions. Read more at The Spicy RD.

Stuffed Pepper
Stuffed Pepper is an online community for gluten-free living featuring delicious recipes by talented chefs, restaurants listings and reviews, articles from health experts, a forum and more.  Read more at Stuffed Pepper.

Sure Foods Living
Sure Foods Living is a website and blog created by Alison St. Sure as a tool to achieve her goal of educating and raising awareness about Celiac Disease and food sensitivities. This site is filled with helpful information and news designed to help people living with this disease and other allergies. Read more at Sure Foods Living.

Surviving in a Gluten Filled World
Gfreegal's blog strives to provide readers with the most up-to-date gluten-free information on products, cosmetics, recipes, restaurants and the latest news articles. We are a husband and wife duo striving to live a good life while eating (and living) gluten-free! Read more at Surviving in a Gluten Filled World.

Tasty Eats at Home
Alta Mantsch is recipe writer, amateur food photographer, and self-proclaimed, self-taught, home-chef-in-training. Her family of five leads busy, hectic lifestyle at times, but Alta still makes time to cook healthy meals from scratch. She started the blog in July 2008, and as of June 2009, the recipes posted are all gluten-free! Read more at Tasty Eats at Home.

Tate Family Blog
Vicki is a stay at home wife and mom of two. Her daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. Now she cooks and blogs GF. On the Tate Family Blog you will find stories abut her family, GF recipes, menus, and information on how her family is working to raise celiac awareness. Read more at Tate Family Blog.

Thriving GF: A Warrior Mom's Journey
Kim blogs about new gluten-free products, recipes, cookbook, cooking class and restaurant reviews as well as retailer updates. Kim is also a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle coach.  Reading more at Thriving GF.

Ultimate Gluten-Free
Ultimate Gluten Free is a resource for celiacs, people with gluten sensitivity, and those seeking a gluten-free lifestyle. The site provides listings for gluten-free restaurants and stores across the U.S., travel information, recipes, and a blog on the latest developments in health and nutrition. Read more at Ultimate Gluten-Free.

The Un-Gluten Guy
A guy is diagnosed with celiac disease.  Follow him through navigating supermarkets, restaurants and his own kitchen. Full of food reviews and recipes. Read more at The Un-Gluten Guy.

Vegetarian Mamma
A blog that dishes about life as a mamma to a child with life threatening food allergies, vegetarianism, recipes and parenting. Read more at Vegetarian Mamma.

What Contains Gluten?
WhatContainsGluten? was born out of a mother's need to feed her gluten sensitive child. Join us on our gluten-free journey, where we share family friendly gluten-free recipes as well as tips for living the gluten-free lifestyle.  Read more at What Contains Gluten?

What the Food - Gluten-Free
"Baking Barb" has always loved baking and growing food. She found out about 3 years ago that she needed to be gluten-free; around the same time, she started blogging. She's learned so much since then and loves to share great food so others can eat gluten-free and eat well. Read more at What the Food - Gluten-Free.

Wheat-Free Living & Me
Sharon started out on a wheat-free quest of living, which suddenly turned into becoming a gluten-free lifestyle. She shares with you favorite gluten-free recipes, gluten-free products & reviews and helpful tips for this wheat & gluten-free lifestyle, as well as personal ups and downs. Read more at Wheat-Free Living & Me.

Wheatless and Meatless
This blog features gluten-free vegetarian and gluten-free vegan recipes. Gluten-free restaurant reviews and product reviews are also shared. Read more at Wheatless and Meatless.

The W.H.O.L.E. Gang
Diane Eblin is a lifestyle change coach who helps people change unhealthy habits into allergy free, organic and eco-friendly choices that can improve their lives. She has personally learned the huge part diet plays in how we feel and uses her blog to share this knowledge. Read more at The W.H.O.L.E. Gang.

Whole Foods for Whole Families
Due to my daughter's immune deficiency, our family has newly become gluten-free. My blog follows our family as we journey through gluten-free living and provides a recipe database. Read more at Whole Foods for Whole Families.

The Wonders of Celiac Disease
Stephanie is a college student, living with Celiac Disease. She has been on the diet for over seven years. She shares her struggles and her determination to be normal. Her blog contains recipes, new medial updates, fun facts, stories and much more. Read more at The Wonders of Celiac Disease.



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